Screen Printing or Embroidery for Your Company’s Apparels?

Screen printing and embroidery are among the best ways to decorate your apparel for corporate use. They vary in their application, advantages, and situations for use. Embroidery entails decorating fabric with a needle and thread, while screen printing involves using a stencil, screen of silk or mesh, and ink to decorate. Embroidery is applied through two methods; directly weaving or sewing designs into apparel to make them part of the material or embroidering designs onto pieces of materials then patching them onto apparel.

Generally, embroidery is considered a classier way to present designs, particularly logos for companies because thread has a dimension, making a logo three dimensional. Thread can also be coated with a gloss which makes colors more vivid; hence attractive to the eyes. Screen printing makes garments appear as though they were painted or printed with an ink-jet printer. The designs are really colorful, but one dimensional.

Embroidery is an ideal option for apparel that promotes a company’s logo and image such as uniforms. It is ideal for button-down shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps and hats, jackets, and bags. Screen printing is perfect for t-shirts and sweatshirts because their smooth finish offers an excellent surface for ink application. Large designs are best implemented through screen printing because t-shirt material is too thin to hold all the embroidery stitches required. If large designs are implemented on garments by embroidering, the garments neither appeal nor last long.

Embroidery is often charged per stitches required. The more the stitches used, the higher the cost. Screen printing is charged per the workload, number of colors to be used and places to be printed. The higher the number of t-shirts you need to be printed, the lower the cost of production. Multiple colors and locations hike the cost of production.

There are several companies offering screen printing and embroidery services for attire in Columbia, SC. They all have different packages for their services, making it necessary for you to assess them before choosing any of them. Also, the quality of their work varies too, based on many factors such as the kind of technology they use; thus you must choose a company which makes use of the most recent technology for best results.

To find the embroidery and screen printing services you can consult, you ought to carry out a thorough search on the Internet or seek recommendations within your network of friends or other companies. Identify as many companies as you can for assessment to select the most competent. Paying close attention to their output and people’s feedback will direct you to a company which you will be pleased to partner with.

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